Landscape Patio

Landscape Patio construction is one of the best ways to expand your homes living spaces. Having a large lawn is nice and has its benefits, but it can also create a lot of work.
A patio can be a larger project initially, but once it is complete there really isn’t much maintenance that needs to be done.
An outdoor patio tends to be like the kitchen of your home. It naturally lends itself to be the center piece of your property.
Proper construction of a patio is a very important. Id say 80% of the work involved in the construction of a patio is unseen. It is all about the base construction. This is the most important step in the process and if done improperly can lead to problems down the road.
We have outlined the steps to patio construction below.

Patio Construction


The first step in patio construction is the renovation portion. This step is situation dependent. If you have a new construction area this portion can be pretty easy. Generally you will not have much to tear out, which will reduce costs.
If you have an established property this will be a little more time consuming. Grass, soil, and sprinkler systems need to be removed and or re-arranged. For a general patio you need to excavate about 6 to 8 inches down below your desired final grade.

  • Next up is base material
Patio Construction

Base Material

What you use for a base material has a little to do with your local area and what materials you have available.
In our area we are using a product called ‘roadmix’. It is an aggregate that when compacted forms a semi solid ground base. It is the primary product used for roadway construction.
We use about 4 to 6 inches of compacted roadmix and a light top layer of sand when constructing patios.

  • Next up is patio material
Patio Construction
Patio Construction
Patio ConstructionPatio Construction

Patio Material

What you make the surface area of your patio out of is nearly unlimited.
The basics are traditional brick, tumbled pavers, flagstones, and manufactured stepping stone type blocks. Within each of these major types of products are a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.
Brick and paver products will generally give the patio a cleaner more finished look. While flagstones will be more natural and rustic.
If you scroll down the page you can check out some pictures of different products available.

  • Some product pictures are below
Patio Construction

The landscape construction process for walkways is exactly the same as patios. The only difference is that your creating a walkway.. Pretty simple!

Patio ConstructionPatio ConstructionPatio Construction

Landscape Patio and Walkway Product Pictures

Here are a few different product pictures.
Please keep in mind that there are many more options than just these.
If you have something in particular in mind, we can always match product too.
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Patio Construction
Patio Construction
Patio ConstructionPatio Construction
Patio Construction
Patio Construction
Patio Construction

Below are a few pictures of a cross section of how a patio and wall base should be constructed. These are incredibly important phases of patio construction that you cannot skimp on. This is where a lot of the cost comes into play when building a patio. It is ironic too, because once the patio is complete you cannot even see it.