Landscape Construction Services

New Landscapes

If you have just bought a new home, you are probably really excited. Congratulations!
Landscape installation is normally one of the last items to be addressed. Just on more step and you can get settled in.
New installations are great because we get to work with a clean canvas. Transforming the area around your home from some dirt piles to a livable outdoor space is a wonderful experience.
We can handle the entire process from the design, rough grade work, hardscapes, irrigation, landscape beds, trees, shrubs, final grade work, to finally sod installation.
Then the only thing left is to enjoy!

Landscape Renovations

Landscape renovations are a large part of our business. They are equally enjoyable as new installations, but just sort of the opposite direction.
Renovations cover the entire range of landscaping. They can be as simple as planting a few flowering shrubs to add a splash of color, or as large as paver patio and fireplace.
Its always exciting to get something new. Your lawn and landscape is no different. When done properly they give back that enjoyment and excitement that may have been lost over the years of wear and tear.

Landscape Designs

Design work is more than just a ridged architectural drawing. It can come in many forms. It can be as simple as a scribble on a piece of paper to a computer animated walkthrough.
Traditional paper and computer design work is merely a vehicle to the end physical product. It itself holds little value except to paint a picture. If you can paint that picture in a quicker, less expensive way. It makes sense to us to go that route.
In most situations you can eliminate these costly services with a simple on site meeting, a few pictures of other similar situations, and a discussion of the end product in mind. Once the ideas are generated we can sketch up a quick layout and proceed from there.
With that said some situations do benefit from traditional design work. We can provide that via hand paper and pencil sketch work, and or computer generated design.
The best way to figure out which route is best for you is to get in touch.
If you are interested in purchasing basic landscape plans click below:

Landscape Materials

NPK sources all of its landscape materials from local suppliers. This does two primary things.
First it ensures that all the plant stock can survive and thrive in our area. The hard materials such as mulch, stone, boulders, etc. will blend in with our surroundings.
Second is economic in nature. To keep Bozeman as awesome as it is, it is important to keep the local economy healthy. We are a small business, and we think it is important to support other small businesses as well.
We have immediate access to many of the common trees and shrubs that grow well around Bozeman.
Trees such as Aspens, Spruce, Ash, Chokecherry, and Poplar. Common shrubs like Spirea, Dogwoods, Willow, Potentilla, and Lilac to name a few.
With a little lead time we can also get more obscure plant stock as well.

About Our Process

Initial Contact

  • Contact us by either phone, email, or in person.
  • Once contacted we will start by getting all the basic contact information, and what your goals and needs are.
  • If you would like. We can then set up a free on site consultation.

Bid Process

  • Once on site we will gather all the relevant information needed to formulate your specific proposal.
    We will gather measurements, before photos, and your goals for the project.
  • We will take that information back to our office and formulate the proposal, and design work (if needed).
    This will get emailed off to you for your inspection.
  • If you have any questions we can address them either back on site, or via email or phone.
  • If you would like to proceed we can then agree on a project start date that will work.
    A 50% deposit payment will be required to schedule and begin the project.

Project Process