Holiday Lighting

NPK has been providing Holiday lighting services to the Bozeman and Big sky areas for over 10 years now.
Our services include Design, Set up, Maintenance, Take down, and off season Storage.
We have an extensive product availability of Holiday Lights.
LED, regular, rope lights, wall and yard displays, and mini lights just to name a few.
We work with a commercial nation wide distributer that is located right here in Bozeman. This is a great situation because it enables us to have the latest product availability while keeping money spent in the local community.
Along with full service light installation we offer online sales of light products through our store. Delivery to your home is included in the purchase price for the Bozeman and Belgrade areas.
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NPK’s Christmas Light Store


Christmas lighting your home or business is FUN. It shouldn’t feel like your signing up for a cell phone or cable contract.

That’s why we do not require multi-year contracts. We will continue to put up, take down, and store your lights year after year – just with no contract. We understand that life is dynamic. No need to worry about a Christmas light contract if you end up moving, or have to tighten the budget one year.

Holiday Lighting

LED Lights

LED = Light Emitting Diode.
These are the newest product in the lighting industry. Even thought this technology has been around for a while it caught on in the Holiday Lighting world about 5 to 8 years ago.
You can purchase LED lights for Holiday Lighting in all the varieties that you can purchase regular bulbs.
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  • Energy Efficient
  • Long Lasting
  • String many together

Incandescent Bulbs

Incandescent bulbs are the Christmas lights you grew up with. They are the regular holiday lighting light bulbs that everyone knows.
They give off that traditional light you have come to know, and are a less expensive option.
Click the button below to purchase i lights and accessories:


  • The look and feel that you have come to know
  • Less expensive

Holiday LightingHoliday Lighting
Holiday LightingHoliday Lighting

Mini Lights

Mini lights come both in LED and incandescent.
These holiday lighting lights can be used anywhere the regular lights can. It more comes down to the design and look aspect when choosing this option.
Click the button below to purchase Mini lights and accessories:


  • Generally less expensive
  • Unique look
  • Provides contrast when used with larger bulbs

Light Displays

We also have holiday lighting light displays available. There are many to choose from. They can be yard displays, or hung on the side of your home.

Holiday Lighting

Other products available

We have many other products to choose from. Some of them are pictured below. Including Wreath’s, net lighting, twinkle lights, rope lights, glob lights, and icicle lights.

Holiday Lighting
Holiday Lighting
Holiday Lighting
Holiday Lighting
Holiday Lighting
Holiday Lighting

If you are interested in Holiday lights please give us a call or email. We would love to help you out.
We perform a wide variety of jobs either large or small.
Our process is pretty easy. We can meet on site, provide design ideas, formulate a proposal, and then set up an installation date that works for you.
Contact us here!